Why we give you more value:

You are buying passion and experience

    I'm Steve Lewis, a relic from the past who will not give up 2 wheels. My first race was in 1969 and I still ride. That's 40+ years of experience and the passion still exists. click here to read my Between the Motos interview on RacerXonline I developed our products to make all our experiences more fun and rewarding. Profit for me is secondary to providing you with the best valued product. It's simply my way of staying involved, giving back and meeting new phenomenal customers world wide.

Unconditional satisfaction guarantee:
    Try our product for 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, return it for a full refund or exchange. All we ask is to tell us why you are not satisfied so we can improve.

1 year no break / no wear warranty:
    We originated the no break / no wear warranty 10 years ago. Even if you crash into a rock filled frozen mud hole on the beach in summer.
If it's in the dirt, it's guaranteed not to break!

    Another manufacturer has added a five year warranty to their latest throttle offering. We will match their deal.  If you've had one of ours for more than a year (Thank you for using it so long) and it finally gives in, contact us and we send you a new one. We will need a picture and description of what happened to document the failure. An old one is a treasure (even if it is broken) that we will show off right here. It did last more than a year and that's real value.

Best material
    Our material's crash resistant properties have been copied, but never surpassed. Why? click here to see video of our hammer and stretch test Don't try the hammer test with your stock, an aluminum tube or most other aftermarket offerings!

    Have you ever removed your throttle and found your expensive handlebar worn right under the housing? Even a small worn spot can create a stress point that is prone to breaking. See a comparison here  Breaking off the end of your bar is not a good thing when your 30 feet in the air or miles deep into the woods.

    Our material's low coefficient of friction is like teflon so it rotates effortlessly and will never wear or gall up your expensive handlebar. It even performs well when submerged in a watery mud hole, refusing to lock up. Try that with aluminum or even stock plastic.

    Why do they coat aluminum tubes with teflon or add bearings? To reduce friction, galling and wear. The problem is that makes them high maintenance. Our material needs very little maintenance. Only an occasional cleaning and lubrication of silicone spray will keep it rotating smoothly.

     Innovative machining gives maximum knurling for better grip adhesion and reduced surface area on the inside of the tube for less friction and easier rotation.  See what it looks like here

    Each throttle version has a specific advantage over stock. From faster linear response, increased 3 stage progressive traction control all the way to ultra progressive control, we give you an automatic increase in performance. You don't even have to think about it, the throttle does it for you.

    Our single throttle price is reasonable. We do not claim to be the cheapest nor the most expensive. We believe our single throttle price is a good value worthy of your consideration.

Discount plan
    Our trump card over all others is our discount plan. Everyone is included. If you are active or veteran military, fire or police anywhere in the world, you have earned a 20% discount. We thank you for keeping us safe. Everyone else, ask the other guys if they will give you 10% off on two, 25% off on three or 30% off on four throttles. Sure we loose some profit, but we believe in the long term rewards of giving you the best possible value.