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With most throttle assemblies, there is some room in the housing to increase the response. It varies with the manufacturer and the gains may be modest. Increasing control is almost always possible. It usually results in more rotation to full throttle.

Normally, your carb/throttle body, stock housing, cables and throttle tube are required for development. I can work without the carb/throttle body if you supply the measurements below. It's best if the carb/throttle body are included so that I can thoroughly test the action with new throttle.

Because I can not control the way you use the custom throttle, a waiver of liability is required. Please read the text below and make sure you can agree to it. I will send you a Word or text file for you to review and electronically sign prior to committing the work

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Rollon Throttle LLC is pleased to develop a throttle to your specification. Because we are unable to control your use of the developed product, we require the following waiver of liability.
I, _________________request Rollon Throttle LLC to develop a motorcycle throttle to the below specifications. I agree to hold Rollon Throttle LLC blameless if the developed throttle results in harm to me during its use.

Rollon Throttle LLC will develop and test your custom throttle to the best of our ability within our workshop. Every effort will be made to provide a custom throttle to your specifications that performs as requested without any potential malfunction. Prior to manufacturing your custom throttle, we will evaluate the possibilities and notify you of the cost. If the cost is not agreeable, we will return your stock components in their original condition at our expense.

All our products are satisfaction guaranteed. If it fails to satisfy your expectations, we will refund your purchase price.

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