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Adjustable response from 15% faster to 25% more ultra control allows you to set the amount of control you need. Up to 20 separate responses available to choose the best response for any condition and skill level.
Do you have problems exiting corners without wheel spin, loosing traction, slipping sideways or wheelieing?  Unipro gives you the controlled acceleration you need for starts and straights with the off idle control to ride smoother, faster and longer with less effort. How? Our three stage response cams give softer off idle response then quickly ramp up for smooth acceleration and full throttle performance. It's throttle control your way!
Honda 4 stroke
CR250/450F only

$56.95 USD + shipping
Honda Unipro
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the HONU response curves
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this throttle fits all these:
Kawasaki  KX250/450F
Suzuki RMZ250/450F

Yamaha YZ250/450F

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KSY Unipro
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the KSYU response curves
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KTM and other brands
with Domino 4 stroke throttles

  250/350/450 etc.
$56.95 USD + shipping
KTM Unipro
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the KTMU response curves
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Your performance will increase with the Unipro.  Whether you need Lightning fast response or Ultra control, it's got it, automatically, every time you turn the throttle.

Watch this short video of Kevin Walker exiting a corner at Loretta Lynns on his way to his 13th National Championship and the top of the all time winners list. He is using  the Unipro in position 5 for good off  idle control and faster than stock rotation.

Check out his body position, the smooth controlled acceleration and the lack of excess wheel spin.

He's using less energy to go smoother / faster / longer

      The Unipro is simply a throttle tube, a cam and a set screw to hold the cam in one of up to 20 different positions. The heart of the Unipro is the cam and it's slot. The cam diameter is 15% larger than a stock tube for faster rotation while it's slot is 25% smaller than a stock tube for slower rotation. Combine the two and you get slower rotation ramped up to faster rotation. The good thing is you decide how long it's slow and when to ramp it up. As seen in the animation, by simply rotating it you can change your throttle response. When the cam is rotated fully towards the left, the reponse is 15% faster than stock. Rotating it fully right, gives 25% more control. Each position away from full fast adds more off idle control.
how the unipro works
The Unipro's stages
     Throttle response is divided into 3 stages (control, transition and response). One or all stages are used to determine the overall response. For maximum control, only the control stage is used. For good off idle control with faster than stock rotation, all three stages are used. For lightning fast response, only the response stage is used. 
The control stage is 25% slower than stock. It is created by the cable riding in the cam slot. The diameter of the slot is smaller than the cam of a stock throttle. It takes more rotation to open the throttle, therefore the response is slower for more control.
The transition stage
response is determined by the slope of the cam. It transitions up from control stage to the response stage. With our FlipCam, you can choose from two ramps. One is aggressive for a quick hit. The other is smoother for a gentle ramp.
The response stage is 15% faster than stock. It is created by the cable riding completely on the larger than stock outside diameter of the cam.

What settings do I use?

3. Where is your right elbow when exiting a corner?
Is it down when you reach full throttle or do you re-grip at the corner apex before accelerating? You should re-grip, but we don’t always do it. Use faster response regions to reduce the amount of re-gripping required and help keep your elbow up.
cam positions
lightning response

    All Unipro's are shipped with the aggressive transition in position 1 for 15% faster response. This gives a pure linear response. There is no control or transition stage.

If the response is too fast, flip the cam over to use the smooth transition. It will add off idle control and you will still have ~10% faster total rotation.

good off idle control

    As you move the cam towards the middle of the range, each hole adds more off idle control. Why? Moving the cam away from position 1 allows the cable to ride in the slower cam slot longer. With the agggressive transition position 5 is slightly faster rotation than stock. This gives good off idle control until about half throttle, when the transition kicks in to start the response stage. With the smooth transition, the control is more pronounced lasting longer due to the softer profile.
ultra control

    When the cam is positioned for ultra control in position 10, the control stage is 90% of the throttle opening. This significantly slows the response with the total rotation being 25% longer. Use this setting for those extreme conditions when survival is most important . You will have to regrip each time you open the throttle just to get it fully open, but  the increased control will help get you through the tough conditions.