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Fixed ratio 3 stage traction control
25% more off idle control

    Three response stages significantly improve traction, acceleration and control with no loss in total throttle rotation. We cloned our Unipro set up for great throttle control and stock rotation into a fixed ratio throttle. It's traction control via throttle instead of fuel and ignition mapping that can reduce your power. Keep all your power for starts and straights and let TC3 manage the off idle traction.
Throttle control = traction control = smoother acceleration = ride faster and longer with less effort
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Throttle controlNo power lossSmoother corner exitsRide faster/longerStock rotation
Honda CR250/450F only
$33.95 USD + shipping
Honda TC3 4 stroke
in stock, ready to ship
This throttle fits:
Kawasaki  KX250/450F
Suzuki RMZ250/450F

Yamaha YZ250/450F
$33.95 USD + shipping
Kaw, Suz,Yam TC3 4 stroke
in stock, ready to ship
Fits all 4 stroke 250cc up Domino throttles
$33.95 USD + shipping
KTM TC3 4 stroke
in stock, ready to ship
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20% discount for active or veteran military, fire and police anywhere in the world! Our thanks for keeping us safe!
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Stage 1 gives you 25% more control,
then Stage 2 transitions to Stage 3 fast response.

You get far smoother response and easier rotation from idle until half throttle (where it does the most good)
then the throttle kicks in the response to maintain stock rotation.