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Like you we ride, race and expect performance and value from the products we buy.
logo      Value is that quality of anything which renders it desirable or useful. Our performance, reasonable pricing, discount program for everyone and solid guarantee give you more value.    See why here

NEW 20% faster response 2 stroke complete throttle available soon for $149.95
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2 and 4 stroke

9 to 15% faster
all  4 stroke $33.95
2 stroke Honda/KTM/Domino $40.95

2 stroke Kaw/Suz/Yam
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4 stroke

25% more off idle control
all  $33.95

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TC3 details
4 stroke

from 15% faster to 25% improved control
all  $56.95

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UNIPRO details
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20% discount for active or veteran military, fire and police anywhere in the world! Our thanks for keeping us safe!
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website security  uses the Lightning on their KX250F project bike       see the video here
Motocross Action magazine gives Lightning 5 stars
and inproves the CRF450's response

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